December 8, 2011

California Pug!

Otto is loving his ultra posh life in sunny California! I've been insanely blessed this his Mommie loves me enough to keep me updated on his current adventures.

You would think with the constant chaos we have in Mimi Land that we wouldn't have much time to dwell on Otto's absence but it is still a major adjustment for us. I miss the faint clicking of his pink puggie nails ( I painted them ONCE while he was asleep and it was seriously cute!) following me everywhere I went, I miss his miniature flat faced judges for treats and seeing Sophie's empty baby stroller tears me up every time. He loves his stroller rides around the house,lol, really he did. All sadness aside, I'm overwhelmed and overjoyed in knowing that little Otto is *exactly* where he was always meant to he and I'm the luckiest lady ever to he able to watch him grow up with one of my best friends on earth, a true angel with the kindest heart and surrounded by a loving and adoring family.

This social butterfly is making friends, breaking hearts and spreading puggie love in sunny California!!!!

Lori (Otto's Mommie) sent me a video of his awesome skills, my favorite part is when he stops to admire himself in the mirror!! I love you guys!!!

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I'm a heterosexual married mother of three stunning and brilliant children settled deep in the asscrack of Indiana. I've always been a pretty free thinker and generally accepting of all people no matter what color they are,what religion they believe in or who they love. If we don't unite and love and accept each other, then what the hell is the point??

This morning I woke up to this video on my Facebook and fury swept through my body instantly. A man entered a convienence store to purchase a beverage and left threatened, dehumanized and shaken up. Why,you may ask??? Because he is gay. Are you kidding me?????

I'm personally not offended that he BORN THIS WAY, I am offended that some inbred, cousin dating asshole with hatred seeping through his pores exists and that our state....our country does not protect its tax paying citizens.

We need to DO something. We can't stand by and watch these stories mount up, our children are watching us and learning from us. Let's teach them to ACT, TO LOVE,TO ACCEPT.


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