November 7, 2011

I'm swelling with pride!

Lucky for me,I was never one to harbor much shame. My delusions have led me a pretty blissful and happily ignorant existence. That being said, my human kids make me insanely proud. They're always bringing home works of art,aced spelling tests or some new development in their educations.

In these new.developments,sometimes we find rare instances of pure comedic gold. This one,I think, ranks right up there with a.previous hand drawing of a "pugshark". This is TECHNICALLY a bean seed. However, a bean seed was not my first take on this assignment. You be the judge.

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Otto Heals A Heart

Hi! This is Otto AKA Otto-mation-station. He is *almost* nine weeks old and preparing for the most exciting trip of his life! In two weeks, he will be traveling all the way to California where he will meet his forever family and his phenomenal Pug Mommie, Lori.

Lori is a dear and personal friend of mine who has been to hell and back,fighting with courage and strength that I can't even fathom. She resigned from a "religion" in which she could no longer morally or ethically be a part of and in doing so, this "religion" ordered her adult children to cease all contact with her.

It is hard to understand that concept taking place in America in 2011 but it happened. She has fought to all lengths to get her kids back and strides have been made. Her story has been in the media and is well documented. Last month her son was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in which he required major surgery and she she was not allowed to see him. She did eventually get to see him very briefly after a lot of preserverance.

As you can imagine, her life since Feb. has been wrought will anguish and heartbreak. Not having daily contact with her children has torn her heart to pieces.

After watching Otto grow from a newborn puppy to a striking mini companion has already filled Lori with immense joy. Just very very recently, she decided he was the flat faced one for her! As his homecoming date arrives,I can see the renewed joy and optimism return to her voice and smile. Pugs can heal hearts and Otto is healing hers! Hug your pug!!

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The Antithesis of Relaxation

Take in this mental picture. I'm in my most comfortable and well worn aeropostle pajama pants and a junky yet incredibly soft long sleeved t shirt snuggled into my double papasan chair with the pugnation snuggling while my beautiful daughter eats her breakfast in the recliner beside me.

Look,we aren't formal people. Actually, it may surprise some of you that we use utensils at all....shoot,there are days I break out the Chinet for those ultra fancy days we dine on Little Ceasars PIZZA PIZZA!

As  the fabulous Miss Sophie Anabelle munches on her nutricious meal, I issue not one--but two warnings to keep her piggies OFF the end table. I had a ginormous honkin' wild cherry Pepsi sitting there in a meek attempt to wake the hell up.

There we are, quietly snuggled in,watching Annie in our super warm house. Say it with me, AHHHHH!

My eyes fluttered,pugs snored softly and I started to doze myself. All of the sudden, something insanely cold started to drip down my face and run down my back. I was positive I didn't pee myself but that was the only fact I was sure of.

In the ruckus, a splash of Cherry Pepsi stayed the pug alliance and sent them into a snorting tizzy of batshit proportions. They clawed me in an attempt to escape the impending tsunami. It was pugs shenanigans.

I bolted up and outta the chair,seriously, you've never seen my carb lovin' ass move in such speed of grace. The pugs and I are standing in the center of the living room trying to piece together what the hell happened and Sophie is sitting completely still,hands folded in her lap and her little pink piggies directly in shot of where my beloved beverage WAS-OY!

Needless to say, the pug nation is scarred for life by the tomfoolery that took place today. I'm considering a bake sale to assist in shouldering their costs of the immediate Dog Whisperer visit.

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