December 5, 2011

My 9 year old Lady Killer

Pacey is 9, almost 10 he tells everyone that will listen. He is handsome, a protective older brother and a kind hearted soul. Pacey struggles with my attention deficiencies and still brings home grades that put him on the  high honor roll. He struggles with his self confidence at times but art has really been a life saver for him. He can focus and is a fabulous artist. The past two years,he and a little girl named Sunny have given up many recesses to work on paintings together,paintings that hang in the hall of their school to this day.

Today he came out of school beaming ear to ear with in his hand. Rushing to the car and buckeling as rapidly as he could he set his sights on this gift. A gift from Sunny. It was an oversized pencil that said COOL DUDE on the side. His smile just grew brighter.

He.used that pencil all evening and quietly asked me when we could go shopping for a gift for Sunny. I kinda think this is the sweetest thing ever.

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Parenting FAIL!

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for Broadway musicals. I love them! Les Miserable, American Idiot,Rent, and my newest obsession, The Book of Mormon. I will admit,I bought it without hearing one song but in Mimi Land,the fact that Trey Stone and Matt Parker were involved was a no brainer. I'll never be too old to enjoy the juvenile and crude antics of South Park! OMG! They killed Kenny! You bastards!!

I do a good majority of my musical listening in the car and as ya'll know,I'm normally accompanied by my mini's. Having listened to the first two songs, I was IN. They were catchy and upbeat and thoroughly enjoyable.

I pick up my xy chromosomes from school and I look back into my rearview mirror and all three Parrow monkeys are nodding their heads,enjoying the beat and discussing their daily schooltime adventures.  Ah,peace! I should mention that I have the ability to zone out and disregregard the vast amount of my surroundings at will out of sheer survival instinct.

My attentions hone in on the innocent and overly sweet sound of giggles from the back seat. Typically, these giggles precede one of the trio passing gas,burping or some other disgusting bodily function. Oh no, not this time. Oh HAIL no!

This time, Mommie provided the entertainment in the form of a song from this musical that resembles a happy tune from The Lion King....only instead of this African phrase meaning no worries, it means "f*ck you God". I shit you not fella's.

My four year old goes loco that there are "naughty pants singing naughty words" on the song. I listen closely to hear the f bomb being dropped loud and proud. I've never been more thankful for stereo controls on my steering wheel. As it turns out, these profanity seekers only heard the big F and not the part that followed.....not that I'm giddy about that even but overall,it was the lesser of two evils.

As much as I love profanity and cursing much so that I could monologue an entire descriptive rant using only these words....I don't really need the Parrow trio using the f-word fluently.

Oy! Now I'm paranoid that CPS will come knocking at my door for a vocabulary check. Shiiiiiit. I mean SHOOT. DARN.

Between you and I, the cd is phenomenal and on my ipod touch as we speak. I think we will stick to the good ol' radio for a little bit.

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Gone but Never Forgotten Rest In Peace Lisa McPherson

This is not my typical blog in which I rant about Walmart (filthiest place on earth), hate on Delta Airlines (worst airline ever and John that works at Quantum on their behalf can go blow as well) or my public service announcements against drinking after I have had a few too many and am suffering a hangover. Nope,not today. Today, I'm pushing my assholish nonsense aside to relay the story of Lisa McPherson to you.

Lisa was a young,vibrant and passionate young lady who was also a devout Scientologist. After her brother and many years later,her father committed suicide, she clung to the belief that in "moving up the bridge" in her Scientology classes, she would not share the same fate.

Scientology does not believe in psychiatry,in fact they believe it to be evil. If you remember the infamous Tom Cruise / Matt Lauer interview where Tom goes apeshit,calling Matt glib and announcing that Matt doesn't know the history of psychiatry,he does. Oy!

Lisa spent well over half her salary paying for these courses that would move her up the bridge to the state of clear. Supposedly,at this stage, one.would be free of all mental and physical ailments and be at pure peace with ones self. It has been said that she planned to leave the church.

A few short months before her death, Lisa attested CLEAR. However, in November of 1995, she was in a minor accident and as protocol, an ambulance arrived to make sure all was well. As there were no injuries,paramedics began to leave,at which point Lisa stripped off her clothes and began to walk down the street. A female paramedics approached her to ask why she was doing that and she wanted people to think she was crazy so she could get help.

She was taken to the hospital,almost immediately her "friends" from this psuedo church showed up and persuaded her to sign herself out. She was then taken by the church to The Fort Harrison hotel in Clearwater,Florida.

Instantly, she was put in isolation and put under guard with no way to escape. Those watching her would not speak to her or answer her questions. She became violent, refused to eat,babbled on incoherently until her physical condition rapidly declined. She was unable to stand, unable to eat,in a vegetative state being force fed toxic amounts of vitimans and sedatives prescribed by a Scientologist doctor that had never seen her!

These are her care logs:

LISA MCPHERSON CARETAKER NOTES: 17 days at the Fort Harrison in Clearwater

From Nov. 18 to Dec. 5, 1995, Scientology staffers who monitored Lisa McPherson around the clock kept logs. Marty Rathbun, who managed the fallout from the case for the church, now admits that he ordered the last two days of logs destroyed. He feared they incriminated the church. Here are excerpts from the logs that were not destroyed:

Nov. 18

2:45 p.m. Lisa is talking since about 30 minutes: "I created time 3 Billion years ago and now I am dramatizing it since then ... I am LRH and I didn't confront it because I didn't confront that power ... I want to dance. ... I need my auditor ... I need to confront my mom."

3:15 p.m. She is still talking non stop. She tried to go out of the door.

Nov. 19

This afternoon Lisa walked like a robot. What is new: if she starts talking she talks and talks, then she stares at a spot; She also tries to push buttons on me (what she never did before). She says I am her and she is controlling my body. She kissed me on my mouth. Once I let her sit outside for 5 minutes.

... She took my arm and put it on her tummy and went with her tongue over my face. I brought her back to bed.

Nov. 20

She has difficulties even to swallow a bit of water. She got 2 sip of protein drink down. Right now she is again jumping out of the bed over and over.

Nov. 22

I went into the room + she was totally Type III. Blabbering, incoherent non stop. Shaking, no warm clothes on - a bra top + shorts + shoes - no socks. She fell asleep for 4 hours + got up. I finally chased her around the place 50 times + got on slacks + tee shirt, jacket, socks + shoes. She was like an ice cube.

She talked incoherently hour after hour. She refused to eat + spit out everything she took. Her breathe was foul. She looked like measles and chicken pox on her face. Had a fever to my touch.

After 1 pm she went violent + hit me a few times telling me in a rage she was to kill me #s of times. I called in the "guard" outside ... He stayed with me during the rage- but she still smacked me around. (I did cover + guard myself but she was out of control).

Nov. 30

9 pm - 1 am. Awake. On floor scooting around, moving arms + legs + speaking + groaning.

1:30 - 5:00. I probably got the equivalent of 3 Valarian root caps into her. It took 4 feedings over a 4 ½ hour period. She will appear to be very cooperative - hold her mouth open, make eye contact, act as if she is there, then close the back of her throat + not swallow. ... My idea of closing her nose so she has to swallow so she can breathe through her mouth is only marginally successful.

9:15 am I got a small amount of the banana + shake mixture into her + about an ounce of tea. She is much more physically strong this a.m. She sits up frequently + for long periods of time. Whereas yesterday I only saw her sit up once - she was lying on the floor scooting around. She is using her legs to kick again. Yesterday it wasn't much of a threat.

P.P.S. Lisa has come uptone - she was apathetic yesterday - physically + in her comm. - just a couple spurts of anger + not very determined at that. This a.m. she is deliberate + nasty - even evil.

Dec. 2

1 am - 3 am I gave her 4 Valarian root capsules, 4 Orinthane (not positive of the name - haven't seen the bottle, but it is one of the herbal sleeping preparations) and approx 6 oz of cal mag.

She has gotten drowsy from time to time but at 3 AM is still awake + talking.

We also cut her fingernails. This will reduce the risk of scratches to herself + us. She has scratches and abrasions all over her body + on elbows + knees has pressure sores. None of them are open + none of them look infected.

8 am. ... I will give her more of the herbal sleep preparations + will be in comm with Janice later about other measures to ensure she gets some serious sleep today.

The finances for her protein drinks ran out last night. I was in comm a security guard who said the source of the money was Lisa's employer + he thought he could get more this morning.

Dec. 3

1:00 - 1:30 a.m. Tried to feed her again but wouldn't take anything. She thought we were psychos or other enemies who wanted to kill her.

10 a.m. She slept most of the time - several hours of really good deep sleep. When she awakened this a.m. she was very confused + combative ...

2 p.m. Appears to be awakening. She has tried to stand several times but is not strong enough yet. I am going to feed her some mashed banana + protein powder. Have been in comm /c security re getting more money for her.

3 p.m. She is resting now. She originated that she knows we are trying to help her although she doesn't know our names and we don't talk to her. The rest of her comm. is the usual confused stuff. She also had a couple oz's of water. Body wise she is very restful + gentle. She has tried to stand a couple of times but is not strong enough.

6:30 p.m. Fixing more bananna + protein powder + half + half.

Several Damning pages were destroyed at the hands of Marty Rathbun, a former executive in the church who has defected. He admits to this but claims not to remember what these pages said. I call bullshit. Considering the gross neglect they admit to,I can't imagine what was so horrible they had to destroy!

On December 5,1995 it is disputed as to whether or not Lisa was alive when she was loaded into a vehicle and driven to a hospital. Not the closest hospital,not the second closest it even the third. No, Lisa was taken to the FOURTH hospital where a Scientologist doctor was working. She was dead on arrival. Her severely emaciated body was covered in abrasions and cockroaches bites. Her autopsy photos are available online but they are graphic. THIS IS WHAT SCIENTOLOGY DOES!!

SEVENTEEN DAYS! Scientology has a history of suspicious deaths,Google it,it will astounded you.

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