October 31, 2011

Dear Auto Correct

Ah, I knew this subject would arise again and finally, it has. I love autocorrect, I like everything to be spelled properly, even my profanity. So much so that when I got my new phone, I spent hours programming my favorite obscenities into the database. For example, before I programmed it properly, it would replace one of my favorite words with "ducking". Annoying. For the most part, everything goes smoothly, today...not so much. I intended on asking my friend Amber,"Are you GUYS going trick or treating?" I pushed send and reread it briefly and audibly gasped. It read,"Are you TITS going trick or treating tonight?" *embarrassed* I quickly explained the mishap and added that if she were going trick or treating then I'm sure her "girls" would be in attendance as well. It! Did I learn nothing from the CUTE/C*NT debacle??


  1. Ya gotta Love autocorrect HAHA!!!

  2. I think Auto Correct was designed by one of my past enemies to drive me crazy. I have called my mother a "bitch", accused a nothing-more-than-a-friend of "cheating" on me (which opened up a whole line of conversation I DID NOT want to have with him), told one of my children to get "lost", etc. I do not seem to have the good sense or the constraint to proof read my messages before hitting send. I have gotten over any embarrassment it causes, everyone just expects crude messages from me now.