November 7, 2011

Otto Heals A Heart

Hi! This is Otto AKA Otto-mation-station. He is *almost* nine weeks old and preparing for the most exciting trip of his life! In two weeks, he will be traveling all the way to California where he will meet his forever family and his phenomenal Pug Mommie, Lori.

Lori is a dear and personal friend of mine who has been to hell and back,fighting with courage and strength that I can't even fathom. She resigned from a "religion" in which she could no longer morally or ethically be a part of and in doing so, this "religion" ordered her adult children to cease all contact with her.

It is hard to understand that concept taking place in America in 2011 but it happened. She has fought to all lengths to get her kids back and strides have been made. Her story has been in the media and is well documented. Last month her son was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in which he required major surgery and she she was not allowed to see him. She did eventually get to see him very briefly after a lot of preserverance.

As you can imagine, her life since Feb. has been wrought will anguish and heartbreak. Not having daily contact with her children has torn her heart to pieces.

After watching Otto grow from a newborn puppy to a striking mini companion has already filled Lori with immense joy. Just very very recently, she decided he was the flat faced one for her! As his homecoming date arrives,I can see the renewed joy and optimism return to her voice and smile. Pugs can heal hearts and Otto is healing hers! Hug your pug!!

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  1. Yeah I'm so glad its Lori getting Otto, cause I love his little flat face (he was my personal favorite) and I know they'll be so happy together YEAH!

  2. Mimi, this is such a beautiful story about me and Otto. It really touched my heart. Thank you for being a VERY DEAR FRIEND!!! Your 1 in a million!!!
    Love you xoxoxo

  3. Many Congrats to Lori and to Otto for his new forever home :) Found your blog via Multum in Parvo so I'm sure I will be reading often :)

  4. Lori, that sweetie wil indeed be such a hearthealer and brightspot in your lives! We got our adorable Maltichon (Maltese and Bichon mix) about three weeks after a long caregiving journey to a family member. We were exhausted and down on every level when we got her. Since then (almost two yrs now!), we smile every single day. Our hearts were healed and expanded tenfold! :) Enjoy your new baby! Michelle W.