November 12, 2011

Things that make ya go......REALLY!?!

Something about my face attracts pugs,specifically pug asses to attempt to sit on my face. While I do consider them very childlike, I have yet to allow a kidlet to sit on my face and will never extend an invitation for a pug to do so.

Unfortunately,my rag tag crew of nose challenged furbabies either did not receive this message or they are a misguided gang of personal space invaders.

Most of my blogs seem to center around my infamous papasan chair. I realize they aren't gorgeous or stylish but what they are is a hug from Jesus. I mean really, who doesn't want to lounge in a bowl of soft,comfy pillows? Pfffft, I do.

I'm watching Horrible Bosses (hysterical and profanity filled,just the way I like it) and little Otto whines on the floor for snuggles,I pick him up and he nuzzles in and nods to sleep. Three of the four big flat faces are sleeping on the couch blissfully,Cullen somehow spots that Otto has made his way  to the promised land and has no intention of not getting just as much,if not more,snuggle time.

Due to, his ability to jump up onto the bowl of pillows is seriously hindered. I take pity on this attention starved puglet and heave him onto my lap. Fairly sure I strained something.

I lean down and get comfy only to look up in time to see a pug ass of gigantic proportions in the process of sitting on my face. I had just enough time to turn my head to the left before it happened. Pug ass on the face. Oy! Really??

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  1. Strange his daughter has the same strange desire to plop her ass in your head : /

  2. I always think I have to sit on faces too. There is just something about plopping my ass down on a human face that warms my heart.