December 2, 2011

*Just Knowing*

I knew within the first initial contact with Lori (Otto's Mommie) that we had begun a friendship that would turn to family. Instantly,we forged a trust that neither of us planned on or anticipated. In a few short months, she is one of my best friends, totally IN the Mimi Land circle of trust. Very few meet the guidelines and regulations to do so.

Otto is an absolutely remarkable puppy that spreads love and smiles everywhere he goes. Now that Otto is at home with his Mommie, I find myself being asked daily where Otto is and how he is doing. His infectious spirit was meant for someone in need of healing and giving that extra feeling and devotion.

Seeing the first cell phone pics of Otto tucked into his Mommie's arms....I sobbed. It was that feeling of pure peace and happiness. Happiness in knowing that without this baby Pug being  born in my lap on Sept. 11,2011~~~my Lori wouldn't  be experiencing this immense happiness and tears of joy.

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  1. Wasn't that worth ruining a pair of pj pants for :) <3 <3 <3

  2. Awww!!! Mimi this gave me tears of happiness to our incredible bond of a very strong that lasts forever. I am so thankful that you and Otto came in my life and the timing was a miracle. Just a couple months ago right before we became friends I was at a real low in my life and I was giving up hope on my kids ever coming back to me. Now with all your love and support and your idea of me being Otto's MOMMIE...I have hope again that my kids and I will be back together and the feeling is more than ever now!!!! You and Otto have brought sunshine back in my life and a dance back in my steps. Thank you from
    the bottom of my heart for being one of my best friends and for giving me this puppy Otto that I am 100% in love with!!!

  3. Sounds like he has been forgiven for his little "mishap" in the car! He looks so peaceful laying in his Mom's lap.