December 5, 2011

My 9 year old Lady Killer

Pacey is 9, almost 10 he tells everyone that will listen. He is handsome, a protective older brother and a kind hearted soul. Pacey struggles with my attention deficiencies and still brings home grades that put him on the  high honor roll. He struggles with his self confidence at times but art has really been a life saver for him. He can focus and is a fabulous artist. The past two years,he and a little girl named Sunny have given up many recesses to work on paintings together,paintings that hang in the hall of their school to this day.

Today he came out of school beaming ear to ear with in his hand. Rushing to the car and buckeling as rapidly as he could he set his sights on this gift. A gift from Sunny. It was an oversized pencil that said COOL DUDE on the side. His smile just grew brighter.

He.used that pencil all evening and quietly asked me when we could go shopping for a gift for Sunny. I kinda think this is the sweetest thing ever.

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  1. I love him to pieces both of your boys are so sweet, and very giving, it must be 'cause their mommy is nothing short of spectacular I love my Parrow's every last one