January 6, 2012

Just another Friday in MimiLand!

Oh. My. God. Eff word! Oy! Fluck! I take the xy chromosomes to school, come home and Princess Lady had requested the gourmet breakfast of Eggos,this is a masterpiece that I am capable of "cooking".

Eggos are started, pugs are fed....hell, I even fed the feline that resides here. This is truly the most action my kitchen has seen in months.

Eggos pop up and I'm checking to ensure the syrup is warm. Not looking, I masterfully open the cabinet to obtain the almighty hello kitty plate that Princess Lady requires for her royal meals.

Apparently, I didn't shut the cabinet door....so, in my gung ho movement to get the mother effin Eggos out of the mother effin toaster,I smacked FACE EFFIN FIRST right into the cabinet door. SMACK!!<---THAT WAS ME.

Silence was rather brief before a profanity laced tirade poured from my very proper,ladylike mouth. My hand to God, Oprah and Tom Cruise, I saw stars. I am not entirely sure I didn't pee a little. I look over, Sophie Anabelle is happily twirling in the center of the room, oblivious to the entire incident. The flat faces are staring at me with fear and humor on humor faces.... then Cullen pisses in the floor. Yes, its Friday in MimiLand!


  1. Mimi, you are hilariouse!!! Just love ya!

  2. Bahaha! You scared the piss out of Cullen! Priceless. I'm sure the pugs were wondering why the heck you were taking so long to get their eggo ready.