July 28, 2012

Petey Pablo and Talulah "LULU" Eloise and their ANGELS!

I believe in fate, kismet...in everything happening for a reason. Whatever should be, will be.

If you asked me ONE WEEK AGO what I'd be doing, I can assure you that driving to Michigan to rescue two 7 year old pugs that were essentially confined to a hallway was not on my agenda.

With my foster, Emma Bea, happily settled into her forever home, I did have an emptiness that nagged at me but I knew that fostering right now wasn't an option.

My twin in profanity & pug adoration,Laura, came across a friend of a friend who had two bonded pugs that she needed to rehome. Two pugs, two small girls and another on the way left little room or time for this dynamic duo.

An instantaneous outpouring of fosters and homes were offered and I couldn't help but immediately offer to take these two in and love them every single day for the rest of their lives.

After two days of emails, calls and texts, I was blessed beyond belief when I was chosen to be Petey and LuLu's Mommie!

Within hours, Laura and I planned a road trip to Michigan to pick up my additions and bring them to Mimiland!

Laura, without hesitation navigated, encouraged and gave so selflessly of herself to being this pair of flat faces to their forever home.

Now, I'm not saying that profanity wasn't spewed at bad drivers or that shenanigans were not had but that's an R rated....potentially X rated story for another time.

It was love at first sight! Their names it them to a T so I tweaked middle names to welcome them into the warped world I live in. Petey is now Petey Pablo and LuLu is Talulah Eloise. Formal names because we're all fancy and shit!

Without any pause in the untrustables behalf, the dynamic duo was welcomed with open food bowls and tons of toys to share. It was kismet, fate.

Petey Pablo needed neutered and palette surgery will be required for one, if not both of them. I knew this going in and it was a burden I knew was mine.

I've always said that pug people are the best people in the entire world. I'm incredibly lucky to be a part of a group devoted to our flatties and each other.

Unbeknownst to me, these incredible people rallied together and called our trusted Vet and donated generously towards "The Parrow Pugs". These amazing souls, from all over the country love Petey and LuLu so much and gave so selflessly of themselves that even now, I'm stunned.

Today as I dropped off Petey to be neutered, I was greeted by the entire staff at some point in the visit. Everyone wanted to meet the pugs that so many people love and adore.

Angel and Megan had tears in their eyes, telling me that my friends were angels on earth and miracles workers. An understatement. I can never in a million years express the immense gratitude and overwhelming sense of love I'm filled with at this moment.

Dr. Radcliffe said that he had never seen such an outpouring of generosity and unity towards a rescue and for me, THIS GESTURE of unconditional love and teamwork has humbled me and taught me so much about the true human spirit and how much good our furry friends bring out in one another.

Petey was a trooper and recovered well, I literally couldn't wait to pick him up.

Pacey and I went in and were greeted by another tech to check us out and reunite us with our little guy. She smiled, shook her head and handed us our paperwork and said that we had quite a credit on our account.


I'm the luckiest girl on earth. This was far and wide a TEAM RESCUE and these babies have such a phenomenal and selfless family. In this experience, I learned something that I'll meet forget and I'll always strive to do for others---I was rescued in so many ways. I'll never be able to repay the kindness, love and generosity of so many selfless people! Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3


  1. <3 u, Mims!!! Hugs & kisses to the sweet puggies xoxo

  2. <3 you and all you stand for Mimi. Your heart is expansive. I am so happy the Hallway Pugs found you.
    Love Katherine (Noodles' Mommy #2)

  3. If I hadn't been working 60 hrs per week, I would have loved to help towards your vet fund. your a beautiful soul mimi ~ I'm happy to know you, via the interwebz.