November 29, 2011

Gravity & Pug Companionship

Everyone who knows me is well aware of my distaste for cold temperatures, especially when ice cold raindrops the size of my gigantic head are falling from the sky at the speed of EFFINGFAST! Unfortunately,weather shenanigans or not,the pug coalition must relieve themselves in a timely manner.

My back deck is slippery on a good day, today, it has gone right past slippery straight to,"Hold on to yer britches lady! You're going down!" So I herd my flat faced crew outside and three of the four happily enter potty time bliss...rain be damned.

Cullen shares my weather hatred and just as I go to step forward,he plants his fat ass on my remaining foot and I stumble. Because I'm holding my hot chocolate with marshmallows in my awesome pug mug in my hands,I crash onto my knees. My right knee tells me to kindly f*ck off and gives out. Me, on my tummy and arms outstretched to save said mug and its contents and oompa loompa sized sleet all over my back and inevitability this sleet concoction drips down the crack of my ass. Any movement and that water will melt and my ass is SOAKED.

Seeing my dispair and hearing my profanity laced rant led Bella,Tru and Joey to line up at face level to give me props on saving my mug and warm beverage. Cullen climbed up on my wet ass and laid down. OY!

PSSST: I'm including pics of the ready made lake beside my house that I partially fell into along with the guilty party that.not only tripped me but sat on me when I was down.

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  1. Oh dear, I am not sure mom is going to survive, she is laughing so hard, but not in a mean way. She says I stop at the door as well if it is raining, but she boots me out anyway. I try to hide under the chair, but no luck.

    Hope your bum dried quickly and your knee is okay.

    Roxy & Lucky

  2. Hilarious! I am so glad to see that this kind of thing happens to others too and it just isn't my Mom!