November 28, 2011

Thankful & Blessed

I am a self admitted jerk,wise ass, loudmouth, vain little shit. I've always lacked the ability to stop the onslaught of descriptive words and profanity before they flow fluently past my lips. It's a blessing and a curse. One never has to wonder what I'm thinking, including those that really shouldn't know. I will admit, it is humorous for others and most times,myself as well. It has however, gotten me into a few pickles that haunt me to this day.

Apparently, telling your boss (should I say FORMER boss & no I wasn't fired) that he needs to keep his pimp hand strong and kick the b*tches to the curb when they show up late,call off,pass out on the clock,etc. may not have been professional but it was true. I was helping him to understand that HE is in charge. It was a wasted effort.

Or perhaps the time I texted a lengthly rant about a coworker to that coworker I was ranting about. Oh yeah,that was fun! Or arguing politics or religion with my mother in any capacity. Oy!

All my faults, attention deficit disorder, obsessive compulsive  disorder and the total lack of filtering each word that.flies out of my mouth. I'm me. No more, no less. I'll always tell the truth . I love that about me.

I have the most loyal friends in the world.My Kellie has been my rock through it all. Jessica, Amber, Lori and Mikey: I know I can count on yall without second thought. My brothers Mikhy and his husband Mike are phenomenal people and I love them!

The loves of my life, my children:Pacey,Ashton,Sophie Anabelle are the reason my world keeps spinning. Even when they're driving me nuts , I love them more than life itself.

I have a husband of ten years that finds no humor in me or my put obsession. Though he claims to loathe them but on more than one occassion,I've caught them snuggling.

What I'm saying is I'm blessed and thankful for the people in my life and the pugs that run it!!

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  1. Oh Mimi, my Mom doesn't have a filter either! Unfortunately for those around her she really doesn't care about that lacking filter either. Although she has promised not to tell any more check out ladies that screw up her charges that a goat could do their job better than they are and to never again answer the ever popular funeral question of "Don't they look nice?" with "Not really, they look dead to me, if they looked nice they wouldn't be here". We shall see, I have no confidence that she will actually be able to stop herself if the opportunity arises.

  2. Mom'a BFF of 30 years once said (after her divorce) I want you in a man! She always knew where mom stood, always knew mom would tell the truth and not tell her to be mean, but to solve the problem.

    Seriously, if people can't handle the truth then they should wear earmuffs.


  3. BUT... you see, I know the are PRECIOUS.

    PS I got stuck with Adam's blankety-blank pug but did not plan on falling in love with him, the shedding snorer. Buster is my man. xoxoxo

    (Joanie again)