November 3, 2011

Have you hugged your pug today?

Do you know what a pug person is? Pug people are slightly neurotic in a love filled charming kind of way. We adore flat faces, snorting and bug eyes and live for the warm snuggles that only a curly tailed behind can provide!! My hand to the puggie Gods, once you own and love a pug, you will never regret it and it will become your breed of choice!!
This is my Cullen licking Tru's ear...or touching her brain, not entirely sure which! Seriously, can you look at this photo and not say, "Awww!" I can't. Pugs bring out the very best in people, the minute anyone spots your flat faced companion, they immediately smile and inquire about my miniature and slightly obese bestie. My oldest son has adopted Joey as his "wing man". Wherever Pacey is, Joey is on his heels, snorting happily to make sure his boy is well taken care of at all times!
These little fella's make the perfect companions, they love unconditionally and bring joy to the most cluster fuckish of days!! It is my DREAM to own and operate a non profit pug rescue some day! My kidlets are totally on board with this idea, my husband is not! LOL! He loves our dogs, even when they chew up his belongings, make an oopsie on the floor or scream (not bark) but if it were his choice, we would be roaming amongst Great Dane's and any k9 that can produce feces larger than small animals. Me? Not so much! On the subject of screaming....not ALL pugs do not this. Actually, Cullen is our only SCREAMER. It isn't that he can't bark, he is totally capable but when you don't immediately bend to his will, he will break out the big guns. It isn't manly, its a high pitched cry for help. Can you believe that he can scream, run and snort all in the same breath. Multi talented really. Trudy Loo, AKA Tru is our disaster. She is the daughter of our Cullen and Bella! She is a typical teen in all ways. She chews up everything, EVERYTHING! Her favorite thing to do is to sneak into her best friend Sophie's room, commandeer her squinkies and eat them. The problem with eating microscopic pieces of rubber is that they are so small in size that chewing is not necessary so if she so desires, she can just swallow them later. If I have said it once, I've said it a million times, "MOMMIE DOES NOT DIG SQUINKIES OUT OF PUG SHADOOBI!" This is the very lady like Tru in a stunt I like to call, "Look Ma, NO HANDS!"
Bella and Cullen had a second litter of mini flat faces and Dexter and Otto completely stole our hearts! Dexter was my main man, waddling his way into my heart and a half step behind me at all times. He found his forever home with an amazing lady that treasures his every waking move!! She is now a "pug person"! The fabulous Dexter!
And this is Otto, he couldn't snuggle and give more puppy kisses if he tried!! I really cannot rave enough about this breed, their spunky personalities or the happiness and kindness they bring out in people. And, they like to sleep!! Just ask Otto!! "Shhh! I'm trying to sleep!"
Love a Pug!!


  1. I loves a Cullen and Bella baby too :)

  2. The fabululous Miss Lola is *epic*

  3. Yay for crazy Pug Peeps!!!!! You're in good company!


  4. I identify with Cullen. Both talented screamers. It gets faster results.