November 17, 2011

I had a slight overzealous moment in which I decided to clear the fridge of leftovers and make a chocolate pie.

Few sounds can rile the attentions of  my flat faces as quickly as a fridge door opening. Lawd, you've heard of the running of the bulls? They have nothing on the pug coalition. Nails click against the hardwood floors as they run as fast as they can to take position in the kitchen just in case I happen to drop a morsel of food.

I start with the freezer and the snorting starts,in the process of the freezer inspection, I might have dropped an ice cube or two.

Like an amatuer, I crouch down to start with the fridge shenanigans. There I am, knee deep (hypothetically) in this psuedo Martha Stewart tomfoolery when something cold and wet drips down my buttcrack......then continues to drip.

I'm immediately alarmed,not alarmed enough to stand up quite yet but enough to reach around and retrieve the cold,wet ice chunk from the crack of my ass. That made me stand up. Behind me were four adult pug faces and one baby pug face ridden with guilt. I'm unsure of who the culprit was but I will find out!!

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  1. lmao at least your crack is clean now

  2. crack and ice together, bet the druggies would like that combo.