November 22, 2011

Otto: the offender

Scratch that. REPEAT OFFENDER! As our days with little Otto are numbered,we are relishing our every second with him. This morning as we were leaving for school,Otto sat at my feet with his pleading eyes looking up at me. *sigh*

We scooped him up and put his sweater on and took him on our morning school adventure. He slept peacefully in each kids lap until we reached our destination and dropped the xy chromosomes off at their school. Otto snuggled into Miss Sophie Anabelle's lap and resumed his sleep.

Roughly fifteen minutes later,my nose started to twitch. I though a possible sneeze was about to come to fruition. My nose then started to burn....hmmmm. it is at this time that my four year old diva alerts me of the terrorist attack in the back seat, Otto dropped a duece.

You read that correctly, the normally impeccable and well mannered Otto shit in my car. Not only did he shit in my Lucie Lancer, he shit and released a stench that had to have come from the pits of hell. Oy!

I pull over,assess damage and clean and febreeze the affected area. Yes,I have febreeze in the car,need I remind you that ky human children have animalistic car habits?

Once the damage has been properly cleaned and Otto has been given a potty break,we hit the road again. This is the part of the story where I remind you that AFTER he took the browns to the superbowl, I took him ON A POTTY BREAK. Noted?

There we are happily cruising down the road,Sophie is playing Fruit Ninja and I'm listening to Bob and Tom. Otto is seemingly happy and chewing on his angry bird. A split second later,I hear a slight dripping sound followed by an opening of pug floodgates. Otto is draining the puggie lizard in the OTHER seat---with a grin plastered on his flat face.  Holy mutha of gawd!!

Pfffft. The fountain of mini k9 urine over powered the lovely smell of febreeze that covered the smell of the puggie dog logs that had previously been dropped.

Needless to say, my car seats have been resolved and scrubbed and Otto is looking at me guiltily. Oy! It's drink o'clock....right?

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  1. Um...yeah....Otto-tinis for breakfast for EVERYONE!!!!!!

    I keep Febreze in my car too. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one!

  2. Good thing I haven't gotten my lazy ass out of bed. I surely would have fallen on the floor is spasms of laughter. Otto dropped a deuce........
    Laura, how about two malted milk balls in vanilla vodka for that Otto-tini?

    Fellow PugSlut Agent99
    Blogging at

  3. Mimi, I better stock up om Febreeze ASAP!!!

  4. Hilarious! Mimi, I thought all pug owners carried Febreeze in the car and have bottles stashed in strategic locations throughout the house.

  5. Hola Mimi!!
    I fave Febrreze everywhere too!!!!