December 11, 2011

Do you know what this is???

Once again, I've been bamboozled into entering the gates of hell, AKA Walmart, under the pretense of Pacey utilizing a birthday gift card that was rendering him clinically insane with ever second that it remained in his posession.

With speed and ease, he quickly settled on a large pig from Angry Birds and five packages of go go's. Sweet, in less than ten minutes, this horrifying visit would be over.

Guess again fella's, every single check out late had huge lines so we headed towards the express check outs, you know, twenty items or less. Walmart either has high hopes or they don't give a shit, because you and I both know that these mf'ers can't count or read. We get in the shortest line....which isn't short....and the.doucje in front of me has at LEAST fifty items,at least. This photo above, is ONE counterfull out of FIVE.

Pacey asks loudly (he has two vokumes, loud and even effin louder than that) why people come in that lane if they have too many items. Preaching to the choir dude! I'm instituting a policy in which having an overabundance of items in an express lane will result in being kicked to sleep!!

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  1. I was going to guess a meth lab starter kit :)
    then I ? the purchase of a can of dog food and cat litter and wonder what hybrid creature he is feeding, because popcorn and cornbread could probable feed ducks

  2. It gets more questionable. She had eighteen packages of tube socks, ping pong balls, a gyro bowl and pajama jeans

  3. Well clearly the purchase of pajama jeans mean she's certifiable