March 31, 2012

NOH8 Pug Style

In Mimiland, most matters are not taken seriously. Most often, they are quite nonsensical to me. Two things that matter immensely to me are equality for *everyone* and my sweet flat faced, curly tailed pugs. Eight days ago, I was fortunate enough to combine these two passions of mine and attend a NOH8 photo shoot with an amazing group of "pug people" that I will now refer to as family!

A few of us gathered at The Living Room Lounge for lunch on the patio! Little Gus Gus was my date for the day and was such a well behaved little bit! I was immediately welcomed with a big hug from the most lovely Cindy, Jess and Vikki! These are my Indy gals! Cindy is the Mommie to Ellie and Brutus and Jess has the sweet Mia. Vikki has an entire crew of babies but Romeo melts my heart. After much anticipation, I FINALLY got to meet Sarah and my newest gay husband Jay!

Sarah and Jay are from Tennessee but made the drive to Indiana with Jay's precious little Charlie, she reminds me so much of my Bella at 6 months old! I knew I was going to adore Sarah right away and I did! She is so funny and her accent just makes me smile! Jay on the other was MARRIAGE AT FIRST SIGHT! He is my heterosexually challenged husband and I'm his homosexually challenged wife!

Of course, between Jay and I, it was pretty fortunate that we were seated alone on the patio, otherwise I am rather sure our language and topic matter would've created an uprising among the publicly proper type and we would've been asked to leave....not before our photos were taken and posted on the door under a DO NOT ENTER SIGN! BWahaha!

After lunch, we headed to Vikki's to pick up Charlie, Vikki's Bella and Romeo and go to the ultra fabulous Laura's house for a little mixer she put together! Laura made little cupcakes for the pugs and human cupcakes too along with cocktails to keep us hydrated! Toby and Salinger met Charlie and Gus Gus and played with Luna,Ellie,Brutus and Mia. Everyone had so much fun and we all dreaded leaving ! Laura is always the perfect hostess!

With everyone ready,dressed in white shirts (some of us wearing spanx *cough* JAY *cough*) we drove to the NOH8 photoshoot in complete excitement. Once we arrived, we filled out out paperwork and received our NOH8 tattoos on our cheeks and waited jn line for our group shot! Six of us and seven pugs!

Once moved up in line, duct tape was placed on our mouths. This was excruciating because me being quiet under any circumstance is damn near impossible....duct tape on the mouth and Hines Ward isn't involved and shirtless? Um, no. We did our group shot with our flat faces first, then our individual shots, Gus Gus in mine, where he didn't even bother to wake up! It'll be a few weeks before we receive our photos but I know they'll be stellar!

It truly felt amazing to see so many people of all races,ages and orientation come together to support silica an amazing cause. I was overwhelmed with pride for knowing such an outstanding group of people that I love with all of my heart!

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