March 20, 2012

Completely Devastated

Watch "Hines Ward Retires A Steeler" on YouTube

Today is the day I've dreaded, a day that I hoped would never come. I distinctly remember standing in Target, mid shopping trip and receiving an alert that Hines Ward had been released from The Pittsburgh Steelers. The news literally took my breath away, then the tears started. Oy vey. I cried in flippin Target. Truth.

I made my decision, I would support Hines *ANYWHERE* he went. I was/am so angry and disenchanted that the team and organization that Hines gave his heart and soul for just tossed him aside. He dedicated his life,his passion and everything he had to leading The Steelers when no one else could and *this* is how they treat him? I'm still bitter.

I had come to terms with the fact that my new Ward jersey would have different colors but what was important was that he still had my support and I could cheer for him during the games. That, I could live with.

I sincerely hope the Steelers learned the true meaning of LOYALTY and CLASS today from the man that they cast aside. A man that they would be nothing without, a man that was willing to do ANYTHING to stay with the team that he would do anything for.

The love, respect and appreciation for the team and his fans came before his personal desire to continue his professional career. Today, Hines Ward announced his retirement through tears, retiring as a Pittsburgh Steeler.


I tried not to cry but that only made my tears fall faster. I'm so sad, crushed, utterly devastated. I know logically, it is a good ending. He is retiring with the only team he has known and loved. He is giving his fans the best possible thing that he knows how but I'm just destroyed.

I'm so thankful for all he has given of himself. Football Sundays just won't be the same without his hot ass or his insane smile.

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