June 8, 2012

A Distant Birthday Wish

Today is a very special and difficult day for my best friend and self appointed sister,Lori Hodgson. I've blogged about her before as Otto's Mommie and and again as a former Scientologist whose adult children have been forced to disconnect from her because she has a critical view of the Church of Scientology and have continuously and relentlessly harassed her in a failed attempt to keep her silent. If you're unfamiliar with her story, please look into my past posts, you'll be riveted and heartbroken.

Today is her son Jeremy's birthday, his 19th. This marks the second birthday that Lori has missed with her son, that she loves and adores more than life itself. It is for him that she continues to speak out, to share her guy wrenching story in an attempt to save others from this heartache and end the cruel and inhumane abuses that run rampant in Scientology.

On June 9, 1993, Jeremy James Leake was born at 6:30am weighing in at 9lbs and 6oz. As a mother myself, I know how life changing and absolutely overwhelmed with love you are the second you hold your child in your arms. After caring for and nourishing this little person inside of you for months, you finally lay eyes on the little soul you've dreamt of since the second you found out you were pregnant. It is a dream realized.

Lori and Jeremy shared a special,close bond, one that has been TEMPORARILY disconnected. I consider Lori family, my sister. Her mom is a second mother to me. From personal experience, I can tell you that Lori and Nonie are two of the best people in the world. Kind, generous, loving and filled with honesty and integrity. There's nothing they wouldn't do for anyone in need, nothing.

It's devastating to me to know that Lori and Nonie and their family must miss Jeremy on his special day, the second birthday that they've spent apart.

I can't fathom their anguish and heartbreak but in true Lori fashion, she's not giving up. Her tenacity and unbreakable spirit inspire me every single day. She has a message for her son, memories he has missed in their time apart.


Dear Jeremy,

These are memories of your 18th birth year that I wish so very much we could have shared together.

Last September CR and I bought Jeans house across from Papas and a new Ski Nautique boat that you would just love. We can change the wake for wake boarders or skiers.

Last summer Auntie Jenn and Uncle Chris moved back home to Santa Cruz to be close to us and Lil' Brooks was born in October. Your little cousin. I saw a picture of you holding him when you said goodbye to Papa and Leanie and Jennifer and Brooks. You looked so sweet holding lil' Brooks. I know he loves you and would love to see his cousin Jeremy more.

In December Val and Nonie renewed their wedding vows and we had a big family celebration to celebrate their day. You would have enjoyed the yummy dinner and fun family reminiscing's.

Christmas was very sad with out having my boy and my Jessie there. We all missed you both so very much. I cried all Xmas eve and most of Xmas day.

In February for my Birthday and CR's birthday and Valentines day we went to Hawaii. Oh how you would have loved it there. We went to Kauai and CR and I went Zip Lining. I even went backwards on one of the Zip Lines. I thought about you a lot when I was in Hawaii because we were gonna do that together. We both love the beach and Ocean and just hanging out together there by the ocean.

Also in February Pappa had his big 75th Birthday and it wasn't the same not having you and sissy there to honor Papa's big day. We all went to that fancy restaurant in Almaden that had delicious desserts. It was a very special night and Jennifer, Justin and I bought him a special clock with our names engraved on it. I know Papa missed you not being able to be with him on his 75th.

In March I did an Enduro race at Hollister and it was 70 miles long...phew tough, but I finished. You would have been proud of your mom.

In April I did the Crosscut Enduro here at the lake and I finished that one too! i I trained for that race for a whole year and finally got strong enough and experienced enough to finish. I even had a bad crash at the mile 15 mark and got back on my bike and rode another 40 miles. I was in so much pain that it took my fear away and I rode like the wind. I was so determined to finish because I knew you would be proud of me. Remember 3 years ago that was your 1st Enduro and you took a bad fall and hurt your eye, but you got back on your bike and finished. Mommy was jumping for joy when I found out you finished that hard race.

In April Nonie and Val sold their San Jose house and bought a house on the same street as me and Papa...ain't that something were all here. Nonie and I live at the lake most of the time and only go down to San Jose a few days a month to work. I'm able to phone coach my clients up here at the lake. What an awesome job I have as I can motivate my clients and at the same time look out at our beautiful Clear Lake.

Now if only you and sissy were here to share with us in all these special memories it would have been perfect.

How about for your 19th birth year we can share some great memories together? I miss you Jeremy and love you very much.

HAPPY 19th Birthday Son.

Loving you forever and always,
Your mom


It is my hope that somehow, some way Jeremy will see this, that he will see a crack in the belief system he is currently being restrained by and finds his way HOME! To a Mother and Grandmother that will never give up on him and will love him unconditionally until the end of time.

Please keep my Lori,Nonie and Jeremy in your thoughts and send them love and thoughts today. As an eternal optimist, I believe they'll spend his 20th birthday together, with your thoughts and prayers, maybe our wishes will come true!

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  1. Awwwwww you both are angels! Mimi, thank you for your endless kindness, and Lori----meeeeeeeeeeeeoooow. Your story touches me *greatly*. I thought of you and your child's disconnection when I made my recent video: Scientology A Message to Tom Cruise re Scientology Abuses. I hope you see it.

    Blessings to you both :) May your time w/out your son be ever shorter--and soon to end, with you both in each other's arms, again. (((Big hugs to you))) Tory/Magoo