August 20, 2012

The Mimiland Untrustables send juju to Brando

If I've said it a billion times, I still wouldn't be saying it enough, pug people are the greatest people in the world! Dear friends of mine, Jay and Jeremy opened their hearts and home to an older flat face that they named Brando. I'll say that I lobbied for his name to be Henri but apparently since its their baby and not mine, I don't get to name him, Whatevah. Ha! He is now Brando - a name that truly suits him to a t!

Jay stumbled across Brando on eBay classifieds and couldn't deny this fella a real forever home. His previous owner neglected him grossly, bred him incessantly and simply got rid of him when he no longer suited her particular needs. I think she's a wretched DOOSH. Just sayin.

Upon saving this baby, he wasn't feeling well and was taken to the bet where it was discovered that in his lifetime, Brando simply existed. The way he carried himself indicated he had spent his life in a crate, very little interaction and sick with heartworms.

Heartworms are easily tested for and quite preventable. There's no excuse for a pug, or any pet for that matter, to suffer with such an easily preventable disease that can kill them. My crew of ill behaved untrustables are on a monthly pill, trifexis, which is their flea and heartworm pill combined. I pay $18 dollars a pill a month to ensure this fatal disease remains at bay---an extremely small price to pay for the peace of mine and health of my flat faces.

Poor Brando has heartworms, a yeast infection, ear mites in addition to hookworms and "whips". This poor little guy had never experienced REAL love and companionship OR a healthy existence....UNTIL NOW!

Jay and Jeremy have opened their hearts, home and finances to do anything it takes to heal Brando from the inside out. These guys are my heros, not only saving Brando's life PHYSICALLY but giving him the love and family that he so desperately deserves!

From myself, Pacey, Ashton and Sophie Anabelle (my human miniatures) and Bella, Cullen, Trudy Loo, Joey, Petey Pablo and Talulah Eloise and even that stinkin feline Sookie: GET WELL BRANDO! We love you and send all the juju and shenanigans imaginable for a speedy recovery and a lifetime of love and snuggles from your daddies! My untrustables have it on good account that Uncle Jay and Aunt Jeremy are two of the best people on earth! Psssst: a gift from us will arrive soon :)

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