November 28, 2011

Attention:Otto has entered the work force!!

You read it here fella's, Otto is a working' pug! Otto has settled in amazingly in stunning California with his Mommie Lori,Daddy CR and fabulous Grandma Nonie! His big brother Rocky is showing him the ropes.

Today was his first day at work with Mommie. He helped make the clients feel at home and assisted Mommie in every way!! At the end of the day, his exhaustion took over. Man, its hard out there for a pug!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, the cuteness overload! Welcome to the blogosphere (and the workplace)!

  2. He looks like quite the little businessman!

  3. Otto came home from work and had a second wind after his little power nap and whew he kept us all on our toes. Now he is sacked out again!!! I wish I had that kind of energy! Otto sure was the little superstar at work today.

  4. What a hard working puggy!! So glad he is settling into his new home!


    Jess & Mia

  5. Glad Otto is settling in so well. We pugs are very good at stealing the thunder from you humans so I am not a bit surprised he was the star at work. Uh, he does have a briefcase to keep his treats in, right?