December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011...almost

It has certainly been one hell of a year, many down points but overall,I've been beyond blessed by the phenomenal people and pugs around me!

A quick rundown of jackassery that was not of my liking. Hmmm,let's see. Remember Sally Saturn? She was totally simple but I adored her and she took me everywhere I wanted to go safely and on time.....well, when *i* was on time anyway. One day, after taking thing one and thing two to school to get their education on, I turn a corner at the speed of barely moving and both front air bags deploy. Now,before you ask, I hit nothing. I'm a self admitted shitty driver,however,this time it was a clean turn, then *boom*

You know those car commercials with the test dummies and the airbags save the day? Let me be the first to assure you that those sumbitches are not soft and pillowy like commercials imply. And when they deploy,it smells like ass. Both my arms started to burn, then bruised immediately. It looked atrocious and felt worse but I healed quickly, Sally was restored and life in MimiLand went on as usual!

In June, on the last day of school, after an exhausting day at the kids school for Field Day, we left the school and headed on the highway towards Miami County. Out of nowhere, the steering wheel jerked to the left and I pulled to the shoulder of the road thinking we had a blow out. I put the hazards on and get out of the car, a very nice man stopped to help and noticed smoke coming from the car, he popped the hood and flames were shooting from beneath the hood. I think I temporarily lost ky shit,yelling for the boys to get out of the car while pulling them out of the car. I'm thankful Sophie was with my mom that day because her carseat would've proven to be such a.challenge and the fire was spreading quickly.

We got out and this very nice man took us somewhere safe,I called 911. The kids were hysterical, upset about the fire and crushed that their end of the year awards were gone forever.

The car was completely totalled, the boys awards,carseats and a billion cd's and my purse were gone but we were all safe!

Shortly before Ashton's 8th birthday, we had another minor setback. After a brain lapse by yours truly,I left an unattended candle in the ladies room and my very smart daughter,who had just visited the firestation and taught me all her fire safety knowledge, decided that dipping Kleenex in this candle would he phenomenal....and then tossing it in the trash for good measure. As it turns out,that is a recipe for a rather nice fire!

Sophie hid,Ashton walked by the bathroom,acted as a screeching alarm and alerted us immediately and it was just in time.

We were displaced for a few weeks but after some remodeling and a few mental breakdowns, all systems are a go! Whew!

On to the upside, I've met some really outstanding people this year!

There is the lovely Mommie to Salinger and Toby, Laura. She makes me laugh, has a generous heart and is an insane cook! She has also introduced me to the term jackassery,loves. I'm very much looking forward to our shoe date!

I must admit, I've been a lucky girl in the family department. We aren't very similar, we don't agree on much but I love these lunatics.

This year, I've been lucky enough to gain another sister and mom!  There is the ultra fabulous Lori, Otto's mom. As I've talked about before, Miss Lori has had one helluva mental and physical journey. We connected instantly, bonding especially over my baby pugs and her unbreakable love for her children.

As the put babies grew, little Otto stood out as the healer of Essentially,he was Sophie Anabelle's wing man and assistant 24-7. He sat in her baby stroller dutifully,being pushed all over this house and many walks on the walk way. He picked up everyday from school and I cannot confirm or deny his numerous undercover Target shopping trips. Everywhere he went, people fell in love. Dog people,cat people, happy people,sad people and everytime, without fail, he stole their hearts. His personality just begs to please the one he loves most and that is his Mommie,Lori.

Lori is the most loyal,honest and good hearted woman in the world. She is full of spirit,laughter and love. This year has been especially difficult for her with the enforced "disconnection" from her adult children, but she continues to astound me with her strength and integrity.

Otto had quite a few hiccups on his journey to California, I think Lori and I were both on pins and needles until he was safe in her arms! We texted each other constantly until I received the photo of Otto in her arms. He is such a California pug, charming everyone he meets and keeping a smile on his Mommie's face even in the  toughest moments. She is a remarkable friend and a stellar "sister".

Nonie,Lori's mom, is equally amazing. Without question,she accepted me into her life,heart and family and I'm incredibly lucky to have such a fabulous second Mom.

As always, I have my group of girls that entertain and tolerate me in public, God bless their brave souls. We even held the most amazing friends Thanksgiving,I cannot wait for next year. Amber,Jessica,Heather, I look forward to more hot tubbin,comedy club goin, lube jar drinkin shenanigans. I love you girls!

And my Kellie,I MISS YOU!!

Friends are the family you choose, the ones who stand beside you when all else seems to be falling apart.


  1. Mimi, my Fabulouse Best Friend and had one hell of a thrilling 2011!!! Dang!!! I didn't know all that happened in your life. Thank god you and your family were safe in that car fire! I love you Mimi and its been a heartbreaking 2011 for me, but you and Otto has been my highlight!!!
    Forever Together you and I!!!
    Love, Rebel Girl Lori

  2. Mimi,
    I just want to reach through the screen and hug you!!!! All you've been through, and that was just ONE year!!! And you still have your sense of humor!!!!! Amazing. You are my new hero. I'd still like you even if you didn't own a pug. :D
    (Buddy mom)

  3. You ladies are quite fantastic! XOXO

  4. Wow, what a year!! Mom says that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger... you must be pretty strong!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  5. Hey, Mimi, did you say you needed to borrow my 8 year old gas guzzling SUV for a few days? No problem, hon.